Journey to the Once-Hive of Sepsis-Sigma: The Setting

Sepsis-Sigma. A moniker given to the ruins of a hive city and the ruins of a world. Not their original name, but it will do. Some unknown series of catastrophes befell both in recent history, but the exact nature of those catastrophes is unknown to all but a few due to the byzantine workings of the Imperium of Man.

Some culmination of heresies condemned to the world to Exterminatus and an Edict of Obliteration: ¬†destruction of the world and the erasure of its presence in all Imperial records. In a rare case of efficiency from the Imperial bureaucracy, an Exterminatus fleet was dispatched to the planet to ensure its destruction while Deletion Teams from the Administratum’s Historical Revision unit fanned out among the libraries of Terra to put to flame all records of the world. While the Deletion Teams were successful and purged all extant records of the planet’s existence, the Exterminatus fleet was not. Instead, it was ravaged by a warp storm, and the fleet’s ragged survivors emerged from the Empyrean only to be annihilated by a nearby Chaos fleet.

And so the world entered a strange limbo-state among the wider galaxy. To the clerks and elites of Terra, the planet had been stricken from the records, and the problem had resolved itself. No longer listed in astrocartographical maps or among the Imperium’s vast collections of census date, no longer part of any established trade routes, no longer marked for tithes or protection, and supposedly destroyed by Exterminatus, the planet was no longer of concern for them. Out of sight, out of mind.

But of course the planet still existed, and of course it was known by those with the right connections and long enough memories. And the planet and its principal hive still had great value to those with specific needs.

There are some who seek the world’s bounty: ¬†from the fleets of downed cargo landers littering the western sump-swarms, still laden with materiel; to the archeotech buried beneath the Fortress-Forge of Thunderhold north of the Once-Hive, to the riches supposedly contained within the city, it is a world still ripe for exploration and exploitation.

There are others who seek a more human bounty. It is a world of lost cultures, Chaos cults, revolutionaries and anarchists, Imperial loyalist holdouts, mutants, and feral xenos. Slavers and pirates, mercenary bands, and of late, the Archenemy’s recruiting parties, gathering up the dregs of humanity to join the ranks of the Warmaster’s latest Black Crusade.

And there are those who seek to unravel its mysteries. Perhaps to deliver its salvation. Perhaps to deliver its destruction. 

This is the world I’ve dreamed up to serve as a background to my INQ28 modeling. It has allowed for many factions with many agendas, most of them in many shades of gray.

More details on the world to come. Welcome to the Once-Hive.


Welcome to the Temple


Hello, and welcome to my hobby blog! I’ve been a Warhammer 40k enthusiast since I picked up my first Black Library novel in 2008. I instantly fell in love with the weird, wonderful, dark and dystopian setting, and read as many books, short stories, and online articles about 40k as I could find. In late 2015, after years of thinking about it, I purchased my first set of models (the Dark Vengeance kit and a squad of Chaos Space Marines) and took the jump from reading about the setting to playing in it.

I was drawn to the hobby by the near limitless creative opportunities found in creating an army. In recent months, I’ve been drawn away from the massed armies of the 40k and 30k settings and towards the world of INQ28, with its even greater focus on creative, individual, narrative-driven modeling.

I’ve found a community of tremendous support online, and at the prompting of several people, have finally started this blog to push myself to finish my many half-done projects, to write about the hobby and setting I love so much, and to better interact with the larger online community.

My current modeling hobbies include:

  • Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marine army
  • Renegades & Heretics army
  • INQ28 projects
    • Journey to the Once-Hive of Sepsis-Sigma
    • Enter the High Lords of Terra

I figure I owe at least a WIP shot of one of my minis. Here is Lord Inquisitor Gotan Belioc, central figure of the Journey to the Once-Hive:



Thank you for coming on the journey with me! Glad to have you in the Temple!