By hideous fife and horn they are heralded. By the cadence of drum and the slap of rag-draped feet do they parade along the viaducts of the Once-Hive of Sepsis-Sigma.

It is Rogue Inquisitor Ehrmine Ghavo and his Grotesque Entourage, blaring their twisted devotional to the distant God-Emperor, drawing all manner of freaks, mercenaries, sycophants, and fanatics to their ever-growing processional.

What esoteric purpose brings this freakish doomsman of the Ordo Xenos and his ghoulish followers to the Once-Hive? He is known to pursue arcana, his motives and thoughts inscrutable. But something has drawn him here.

Once a follower of Lord Inquisitor Belioc, the rogue long ago went down his own path. He is a clockwork horror of a man, his body rebuilt and modified down the decades. And he will cross paths with his former lord in the bloody and cursed streets of the Once-Hive of Sepsis Sigma.

Rogue Inquisitor Ehrmine Ghavo:


Cadence in his processional is kept by the Musicians, among them a psychotic drummer and musician servitor, who blares out-of-tune horn from his many speakers and carries an instrument solely as an affectation, some leftover ghost-thought from his once-human life:


Strange trophies, slaves, and oddities are on display in this processional, including the Shackled Xenos-Man (whose presence shows the dominance of the God-Emperor of Mankind), as well as its Handlers:


Another curiosity is the Scayrecrow. Is it servitor or slave? Daemon-host or wizard? Some strange golem unearthed by the Inquisitor? Only Ghavo knows, but the ghoul radiates malevolent power and the wise give it a wide berth:


Ghavo employs all manner of mercenaries in his band, including the fearsome Huntress and Hunter:


And Duardo Techet, captain of the Blackbear Pistoliers, a group of mercenaries and pirates operating out of the Blackbear Nebulas in the Segmentum Tempestus:


And a group shot of the Grotesque Entourage:


I imagine the actual entourage to be much larger, but thought a “squad” of ten was a good start to show the diversity of the gang. They were a lot of fun to build, and the hobby-butterfly in my mind (who seems to imagine I have a bottomless wallet for purchasing bits) already has plans for ten more!

All of the models are still very WIP. A few have been painted but still need touch-ups and work on their bases. Watch this space for progress. C&C always, always welcome.

Thanks for taking a look!


2 thoughts on “Who comes to the Once-Hive? The Grotesque Entourage of Inquisitor Ehrmine Ghavo

  1. Fantastic mate!! Love the choice of bits, especially on the Scayrecrow. Very cool indeed. I can’t wait to see the other ten and how you paint them all up. I made up a little Muso troupe a while back for the Chapel Project. In a dark war ridden world the thought of dreary zombie-like music being played is very apt. Cheers IRO


    1. Thanks, IRO! They were a lot of fun to build. Big fan of your Muso group as well! The AoS/Warhammer Fantasy kits just come with so many cool little instruments that it’d be a crime not to bring them the grim darkness of the 41st Millenium. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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