Not as much backstory on these guys (yet). I’ve been doing some slow and steady work scratch-building a Penitent Engine (you can see WIP shots on my thread at the Ammobunker: In doing some research for inspiration, I came across the following images:



Such cool, grim, lovely images. And all the figures surrounding the giant walkers caught my eye as well. Gaggles of fanatic Imperial servants charging into battle against the foes of Mankind, backed by engines of destruction.

Well, it set the hobby-butterfly a-fluttering with inspiration. And so I got to work on these hard cases:


Still very WIP (particularly various mold lines and the brazier atop the machine gun-toting mutant in back that happens to be currently made primarily of a blob of greenstuff), but they’ve been fun to build and cut loose on.

Here are some better shots of the two fellows on the left. They have the most detail on them so far:



Thanks for taking a look – C&C always welcome!


Stay safe walking the streets of the Once-Hive, citizens.


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