Among the minor Orders of the Inquisition is the mysterious Ordo Chronos. This ill-fated Ordo studied time travel and was formed to prevent or combat time-based anomalies (typically related to Warp travel).

Reading about these fellows a while back inspired me to create a figure I called The Chrononaut, an Inquisitor and ally of Lord Inquisitor Belioc. A time travel experiment gone awry has cast the Chrononaut and his entourage adrift among the raging seas of time. They are scattered and many have fallen, lost in time itself. The Chrononaut himself fades in and out of existence, his form temporally unstable, drifting in and out and back and forth in time. He appears periodically to Lord Inquisitor Belioc. He gives counsel to the elder Inquisitor and provides him warnings from the past and many futures.

“I’ve been unmoored among the seas of time for longer than I care to remember, Belioc. I’ve seen my own birth and death many times, and yours too. Sometimes I catch glimpses of my acolytes in those shifting waves, among those corridors. I catch glimpses of other things too, other beings that lurk outside of time.”

-Tomas Arman, Inquisitor, Ordo Chronos

The Chrononaut:


And here he is in color!


I wanted to go for a grubby astronaut vibe with this guy. I’m still working on my painting technique. I’m not super satisfied with the look of his staff head and hourglass – I haven’t tried my hand at the OSL technique before, but may go back and try to give a cool glow on both items.

And here is a WIP shot of the first of his acolytes, a combat servitor that has been forced to scavenge for parts to repair and enhance itself to face the rigors of time travel and the threats it has encountered:


More of the warband coming soon!

See you next… time (sorry, that was terrible).



3 thoughts on “Who comes to the Once-Hive (sometimes)? The Ordo Chronos (pt. 1)

    1. Thank you, my friend. It was a fun, simple conversion. I’m a big fan of the bare heads that come with the various Grey Knights kits. I used the other one from his kit as the basis of the head of a Noise Marine I have laying around here somewhere…

      Loving the color on that space suit and your suggestion. I’m going to have to go back over the white parts of the figure with some yellowish, bone-ish color. I’ll post changes soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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