A few more members of my Ordo Chronos warband. The backstory on these fellows is that they are the remnants of an Inquisitor’s retinue that have been scattered throughout the space-time continuum following a Warp/time travel experiment gone awry.

(I tried a different technique to photograph this batch and am not super happy with the results as they appear on this page. I promise to keep working on the technique to create the best possible pics for you fine people!)

First up, The Mercenary. Originally a guardsman of the Astra Militarum (Gathalamor Rifles), he has twice been the sole survivor when his entire regiment was wiped out. He endures when others fall. Naturally, Inquisitor Arman wanted those talents. I picture him having a hodge-podge of scavenged gear that he has picked up and used to help him survive.





Next, the Servitor/Generator. This is the device the Inquisitor and his retinue first used to pierce the veil of time before being scattered. Arman and his followers are trying to find their way back to it.

Still very, very WIP, I suppose this piece could count as both a character and terrain. It’s my first foray into terrain-type building and complicated basing. I’m having a lot of fun. It still needs a lot of work (for example, an actual left arm for the servitor), but you can see what I’m getting at.





And the whole gang together. Left to right:  Skitarii Warrior (previously identified as a servitor), Inquisitor Tomas Arman the Chrononaut, Servitor/Generator, and the Mercenary.



Thanks for taking a look! Painted pictures (and possibly more warband members) coming soon!

Stay loyal in the face of heresy and temptation, citizens,



7 thoughts on “The Ordo Chronos (pt. 2)

    1. That was, uh, intentional. You know, to, um, symbolize the, uh, darkness of the 41st Millenium… kidding. It was kinda crappy photography. Next round of pics will be better!

      Cheers, my friend. On a side note, I’ve added the first off-white layer to the Chrononaut like you suggested. Still needs some touch-up and detail, but the off-white is a big improvement. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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      1. Hehe. Like everything, it just takes practice. I really enjoy the photography side of the hobby. I only use my Iphone though but with editing and effects you can create some really cool fished results. Cool on the off-white mate. I look forward to seeing it.

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  1. Do a search for lightboxes. I bought one for around $100 CDN. They can also be homemade for the cheap. You just need a cardboard box. Advantage of homemade- cheap. Advantage of store bought- easy to store.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers, Turk! I started doing a cursory look online just now after seeing your post. Going to have to look into getting one.

      We’re in the middle of loooooong ongoing house renovations, but when they’re done I’ll have an office with actual space to work on my models (instead of cluttering up the coffee table in the den). Very stoked at the thought of an actual display/lightbox area in that space!

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      1. My site is a great example of how much of a difference a lightbox makes. My first two years of posts was putting my models on a white shelf with white curtains as the back drop. I had to wait for a particular time of day for the sun. My Sylvaneth and Mechanicus posts use a lightbox and it makes a world of difference. Check out some of my posts. Good luck with renos. They can be a huge pain.

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