I’ve continued to bang away on the Hard Cases and am having a blast with them. Here are a couple of new additions. Pretty simple conversions, but here’s a half-cybernetic Death Cultist and a shotgun-toting henchman:



And the whole group thus far, including their WIP Penitent Engine (more details on the Penitent Engine in future posts):


Expect to see some fluff on these folks soon, as well as at least one more close-combat specialist!


Other painting progress shots, including Inquisitor Ghavo and some of his Grotesque Entourage:





And the Skitarii trooper from the Ordo Chronos warband:




Been working on some more painting and enhancing existing WIP models with new bits and bobs. It’s great seeing various little warbands coming together.

Watch this space for more, finalized figures as I churn them out!


9 thoughts on “Some Painting and WIP Updates

    1. Thank you! They’ve been a lot of fun to tinker with. I was originally planning one more guy to join them (a “boxer” with the spiked fists from one of the Dark Eldar kits). Now, however, they have at least two more death cultists, a female Inquisitor/Interrogator, and probably one more dude with a flail. And another combat servitor. And a banner bearer. So many to build!

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    1. Thank you! The Throne of Judgment is one of my favorite images in 40k. Sooooo over the top, fanatical, inefficient. All in a good way that works so well with the setting. Once I found those arches that are on the top of the machine, the throne definitely became more of a source of inspiration.

      I had wanted to try to track down actual Penitent Engine models, but I may be rethinking that now haha. Although the sight of six of them charging into battle sounds pretty awesome!

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