Well, I’m getting married this Saturday and then off for a week-long honeymoon after, and in the midst of all the last-minute planning and prep and excitement, I thought I’d throw up this last post (for now) of some more WIP projects and some of my models and warbands that I plan to finish up once I get back.

So here we go!

The Hard Cases

Three more Hard Cases for the warband that is most attracting my interest lately (this brings the total in their group to ten. Well, 11 if you count their Penitent Engine’s poor, punished operator). Still coming up with fluff for this group, and I’m absolutely open to suggestions. Here is a close combat specialist, half-augmetic death cultist, and combat servitor:


Inquisitor Aleph and the Paradox Squad

Creating this (still very WIP) retinue actually solved a handful of problems I had been mulling over lately: (1) I wanted an interesting time travel-themed warband to fight or ally with my Ordo Chronos task force; (2) I had just bought a Space Marines Scouts kits and wanted to do something with the six more or less identical-looking heads that come with it; and (3) I wanted to create some models that could potentially have really cool or unique rules in an INQ28 game.

So here’s the fluff:

Renegade Inquisitor Aleph stands among the most dangerous threats facing the Ordo Chronos. Aleph has violated the very laws of time and causality, traveling backward and forward in the streams of time, recruiting older and younger versions of himself to serve in his entourage. Their very existence is paradox and a threat to the fabric of the universe. What inscrutible goals they seek are yet unknown. But they must be stopped.


Left to right they progress through Aleph’s own history, becoming more scarred and rebuilt, his power sword and gear more broken and battleworn with time:

  • Aleph Alpha:  The young Imperial Guardsman before his induction into the Inquisition
  • Aleph Beta:  Veteran Guardman, his left arm already wounded with the infection that will cost him the limb
  • Aleph Gamma:  Inquisition Storm Trooper, one arm already augmetic
  • Aleph Delta:  The Inquisitor after his near-terminal wounding at the Disaster at Carcosa Station (still needs arms)
  • Aleph Epsilon:  Nearly fully bionic, a whirlwind master of close combat

They are led and controlled by (the as-yet-unbuilt) Aleph Omega, now a powerful psyker, his body mutated by his meddling in the warp and the flows of time.

More on these guys and their special rules soon!

The High Lords of Terra

Expect to see more on my Enter the High Lords project in upcoming post, but here’s a very quick sneak peek at some of the characters I’ve been tinkering on:

Ministorum Combat Priest

I was struck by inspiration last night and threw this guy together from Tempestus Scion, Bloodreaver, and other bits. I picture him shouting Litanies of Hate and Devotion into a planet-wide comms network, urging millions of Imperial Guardsmen forward into the jaws of death. (If I find a shouting bald head among my bits, I’ll swap it out for his current one). His powerfist can count as an Eviscerator Chainsword in regular 40k games. I’ve got some other Ecclesiarchy types that I’ve been working on; expect to see more of them soon.


Plague Marines

With the upcoming release of 40K 8th edition, Games Workshop has released images of new models, including Plague Marines (you can see some of them here). Which is encouraging me to get my butt in gear and complete my platoon of Plague Marines that serve as allies to my Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines force.

Here are a few of the ugly bastards and some of the zombies that accompany them:


And a random ghoul…


And two final pics. Here’s me with the girl I’m marrying this Saturday. Her name is Nicki and she’s awesome. My best friend, the love of my life, and the greatest source of support and love that gets me through this crazy thing we call life.


(I promise there were actually several other people at that table who those glasses belong to. We weren’t just really thirsty.)

She supports my Warhammer-related hobbies. She listens to me jabber about models and the fluff of the setting, and while she may not share my unbridled joy or fascination for the setting, she thinks Chaos is the coolest. Which is how I know I’m marrying the right one.

I even got her to build a model. She picked out all the parts and glued it all together.  I play him as one of my Chaos Lords. (Her take on putting him together: “That was fun and I’d definitely build another one. Putting the arms on was a pain.” My response: “I feel your pain, babe. I totally get it. I hate doing arms too.”)


And now back to wedding prep. Thanks for taking a read! See you all when I get back!




8 thoughts on “Last post as a bachelor…

  1. Awesome stuff mate, the Aleph sequence is particularly inspired – looking forward to Aleph Omega!

    Good luck for Saturday dude, enjoy the day, and all the best for your future together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, dude! And thank you for the well-wishes. Definitely excited to build Aleph Omega. I’ve set aside parts from the Possessed, Genestealer, Chaos Spawn, and various Mechanicus kit to use to put him together. Should hopefully have him in a presentable state in the near future!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Best post so far man! Your conversions are getting better and better. Love the progress. I’m so glad I talked you into getting a wp site 😉 All the best for the wedding. My wedding day was one of the greatest days of my life. I’m very lucky, like you, to have a wife who supports my dorkyness hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

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