A quick update and in-progress sketch.

Honeymoon was wonderful and ended with a long travel day today, which means it’s back to reality, which for me (and I’m sure for most of you reading this) includes dreaming up, building, and painting models.

(My new bride, Nicki, at one point during the honeymoon: “You’re thinking about those little guys, the little space army men, aren’t you?” I was indeed. I think she thought it was cute.)

An insight into my modeling process: I tend to draw very crude and ugly quick sketches of the models I plan to build, to help get them in my mind and inventory what bits and parts I’ll use for them (particularly if they’re an especially complicated conversion).

These sketches tend to look something like this. Behold, the hobby butterfly’s next project, part of my High Lords series, doodled up while in the Caribbean:


(Forgive the absolute crudeness of my pencil work. Hopefully you get where I’m going with this.)

On another note, thank you for the well-wishes, especially related to my recent marriage (eight days in and still going strong!). I really love and appreciate this little community that has welcomed me in. You all are great!

Cheers from the Temple! (where I’ll be unpacking and doing laundry the rest of the night!). It’s great to get away; it’s great to get home.


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