While I wait for various coats of paint to dry on my Ordo Chronos warband and the Grotesque Entourage, I thought I’d post some pics of various henchmen figures I’ve been tinkering with for various warbands and to serve as NPCs in the Once-Hive of Sepsis-Sigma.

Up first, the Techno-Feudal Armsmen:




Some henchmen for Inquisitor Claudia (yet to be featured herself on here):





The Lady Excruciata:




Some Ecclesiarchy Types (still working on the greenstuff hood and cowl for the machine gunner):




And remember the Minotaur Techmarine from my last post? You know, this suuuuper rough sketch from my vacation?




Well, here he is in progress (green stuff ALSO needs some clean up on this fellow):





And a size comparison to a regular henchman (as you can see, I wanted to get this guy to be *massive* in his Techmarine Terminator armor):




Thanks for taking a look! And remember, henchmen (and women) are people too!





2 thoughts on “Who comes to the Once-Hive? A few good (hench)men

    1. Thank you! Oh, it’s a ton of fun. I somehow came across like nine of the “empty” Cadian guardsmen helmets a while back and it’s been fun filling them in with different heads. I’ve got a few renegade guardsmen converted from Genestealer masked faces and those helmets – they came out looking like Cobra Troopers! 😄

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