Much better bloggers than I have written at length about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and the bundle of new models and goodies that are available to players. I don’t have much to add for my own take on the new edition, but I’m pretty excited as a Chaos player. Next week I’ll be picking up my new Nurgle models from a friend I’m splitting the new kit with, and it has given me some motivation to get back to work on the various Nurgle-themed units that have languished in half-completed model purgatory.

As I’ve dusted off and begun tinkering with these models, I thought I’d share some with you folks. Tonight’s post:  Zombies!

I currently have three zombie squads in various stages of completion. I like to give each of my armies’ squads a unique theme, and I’ve applied that to my zombies as well. First squad are pretty conventional Warhammer zombies:



While second squad (still in its early stages) will be abominations and ghouls (I figure the Pox Walkers will be converted to join this unit):



And third squad might be the one I’ve had the most fun with. This is an Imperial Guard unit that has fallen victim to the zombie plague. You’ll note a number of these guys have bandages or obvious wounds:  in my fluff an Imperial Guard base was overrun by zombies. Much of the main force escaped, but was forced to leave behind their soldiers in the infirmary, those guardsmen too sick or wounded to get away. These poor souls then became zombies and now hunt their former comrades.




And a few final shots of the whole zombie horde:



Keep those wounds clean, citizens, and watch out for infection!



6 thoughts on “Preparing for Nurgle pt. 1: Zombies!

    1. Thank you! That’s definitely the next step for this bunch. I’m getting more confident in my ability (I won’t say “skill”) as a painter – I spent a long time avoiding painting models for fear of “ruining” them. Now though, I’m pretty excited to get some paint on this ugly horde. Stay tuned for full-color images! 😃

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  1. Excellent man. Those zombie guards are particularly impressive. I like the angle of the heads. Nice work. Can’t wait to see them painted up. Not sure if you’ve had a look at my zombie posts? I did the three stages of zombie. It was a fun project. I’m a big fan of Nurgle and I’m already tinkering with the new models for my March of the Flies project.

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