Like so many other hive worlds across the Imperium, the denizens of Sepsis-Sigma long ago consumed all of the natural resources of their planet. Only a steady stream of imports from off-world could keep the citizens fed and clothed and enriched with vital supplies. The vast tracts of land between the hives became exhausted, poisoned, ruined. Waste lands. Across this dangerous landscapes come criminals, bandits, psychopaths, mercenaries and freaks.

Perhaps inspired a bit by the awesome things going on at the Tor Megiddo project, I thought I’d create my own band of wastelanders. There are six members so far. I may likely expand the group to ten.

Here come the Wastelanders…

Ragged and mutant…

Damaged and repaired…







And a group shot:




Be careful walking the wastes between the hives, Imperial citizens. You never know who you’ll meet out there…



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