An ongoing project in my larger Enter the High Lords project has been to produce a truescale Minotaur Techmarine in Terminator armor, part of the entourage of the Master of the Administratum (the most powerful of the High Lords of Terra). This little project has evolved to become one of the most complex and elaborate single models I’ve ever built. And he’s been a load of fun to create.

Those of you who have been following this blog have seen the evolution of this figure, from the initial, crude concept sketch I drew on the flight home from my honeymoon:


To the (perhaps equally as crude) initial construction of the model:



And now here’s the model in its current state. I may add a few more details (for instance, I’d like to bulk his ax out a bit and maybe add a bayonet to his storm bolter, and I’ve got a few mold lines to clean up), but he’s just about ready to be painted:


Thanks for taking a look!



7 thoughts on “The Minotaur

  1. Woah, he is a beast! I love almost all of this build mate, but I’m not so sure on the horns… I think it is the way that the left hand one is be wedged against the tilting shield… it makes it look like he couldn’t actually look left?

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    1. I appreciate the feedback, mate! That’s one of the things about the model that’s been gnawing at me. His head is definitely wedged to one side. I’ve been debating whether to lose/modify the shield, lose/modify the horns, or maybe even try to position the head farther forward.

      The horns may be too chaotic for a loyalist marine anyway, but I like the *idea of* the look of them with the terminator head – very stylized, techno-Minotaur/bull look. I’m definitely going to have to tinker with it some more.

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      1. Thanks for the idea! That could definitely work. Going to try that and try some tinkering. I thought about even just affixing horns somehow to the ax – it’ll bulk out the weapon and give the bull imagery. We’ll see though.

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