I’ll admit I recently allowed myself to get distracted kitbashing Khorne Berzerkers after learning the AWESOME things they can do in 40K’s 8th Edition. But I needed to get back to Grandfather Nurgle. So I’ve set the Berzerkers aside for now (though you’ll see more of them in the future).

I couldn’t be more excited to know there is a Death Guard codex coming soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how Games Workshop expands this army/faction. In the meantime, I’m back to work on my various Nurgle forces.

First, Painted Zombies. You’ll recognize these guys from an earlier post showing off my WIP hordes of undead. Well, I’ve got the first squad painted and based, including one special, fun member added to the group. This is my first attempt to paint a full unit at one time and I definitely enjoyed myself while doing it. I tried a few different techniques, experimenting with different base coats, washes, etc., sort of jumping from one model to another, setting a figure aside while some part of it or another dried so I could tinker with its compatriots. It was a lot of fun and I’m really happy with a lot of the results (though I wish I’d kept better track of what techniques I used with each model to help replicate the effects in the future). Oh well. Live and learn.

Anyway, here they are:


My two favorite models of the group, I think:


The new fellow, digging his way up out of the earth to join the fun:


And some group shots:



Another little Nurgle project I’ve dreamed up is a warband made of the wretched crew of the Rogue Trader vessel Miseria. These models are sort of a counterpoint to a more loyalist Rogue Trader crew I’ve been working on as part of Inquisitor Belioc’s expanded retinue and armed forces.

More backstory/fluff to come, but I imagine these men, women, and things to be the surviving crew of some Rogue Trader ship that disaster befell. They have since pledged themselves to Nurgle and are now more powerful and resilient than they could have ever been in service to the Imperium.

Here are the rough and ugly starts to these models. First, the Rogue Trader and his First Lieutenant:


The Armsman and Herald:


Chaplain Morgul, spiritual leader of the Miseria. I based him on this cool image from the Death Guard index:


And the Chaplain himself/herself:


Corrupted Combat Servitor (still need to decide what to do with his lower body):


And finally, a Zombie/Undead Servo-Skull:


And the current crew muster:



Thanks for taking a look at these hideous fellows. On my next Preparing for Nurgle post:  Lord Typhus and his Plague Marines!

Remember to wash your hands, citizens. Dirty hands spread disease.



7 thoughts on “Preparing for Nurgle pt. 2: Painted Zombies and the Miseria

  1. The painting on the zombies isn’t really up my street unfortunately. Having said that, the unpainted conversions both on the zombies and new guys are amazing, the Chaplain, Armsman and RT being especially top notch and well thought out.


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