Greetings from the Temple, all! I’ve got several Nurgly updates for you this evening. So let’s dive right in!

Ordo Sepulturum:

Obviously most of the attention on the Emperor’s Inquisition focuses on the three Ordos Majoris:  the Ordo Xenos (alien hunters), Ordo Hereticus (witch hunters), and Ordo Malleus (daemon hunters). But there are a whole slew of minor ordos that fascinate me. One relatively new ordo (in the game setting) is the Ordo Sepulturum.

This ordo was formed during the madness of the 13th Black Crusade to combat the Zombie Plague and the host of Chaotic infections spreading in advance of the forces of Chaos as they poured from their fastnesses in the Eye of Terror.

So many gaming/modeling opportunities with such a group! I’ve been tinkering with a small Ordo Sepulturum warband for a while now. I have an Inquisitor who’s upper body has been constructed but needs something suitably cool for his lower body before I display him on here. He has three WIP acolytes currently, each with a specialized role:

  • Crowd control/zombie extermination specialist armed with a heavy flamer and massive battleaxe – he’s also there to purify infection sites
  • Combat medic from a feral world (to explain the furs and claws)
  • Collection servitor with grav-pack who gathers up remains for study

Here they are:



Servants of the Plague God

Of course, this being the grim darkness of the far future, I got thinking that I also needed to build an Ordo Sepulturum warband that had fallen to Chaos, infected and corrupted by the very contagions they once sought to battle, now spreading the worst infections dreamed up by Nurgle’s followers and seeking to aid the Death Guard in their war on the Imperium.

Here is the corrupted Ordo Sepulturum Inquisitor. I am super happy with how he is turning out. He was also originally just a torso that I had built and couldn’t figure out what to do with… BUT THEN… I came across a WFB Black Knights kit and began to put the mounts and bits to use. He still needs lots of bits and bobs (and obviously a paint job), but here he is:


And another Black Knight mount I’ve put to use as the lower body of the corrupted combat servitor from the crew of the Rogue Trader vessel Miseria(You can tell I’m really liking the mounts).


And a couple of other Nurgle servants:  The Bell Man (who dwells near the sump-swamps of Sepsis-Sigma) and another ghoul:



Death Guard Forces

Here are the first of my Death Guard. Up first is my take on Typhus, First Captain of the Death Guard and Champion of Chaos. It’s the old resin model for Typhus on a fairly simple base – nothing too fancy. But I posted him to show the paint scheme I’ve been using for my Plague Marines. There is a green paint color recommended specifically for the Death Guard, but I wanted to go for a more off-white color for my guys.

Additionally, the rank and file of my Death Guard have their right arms crudely painted in red. These Plague Marines are allied with my main force of Red Corsairs, and the red paint job is meant to show a sign of fealty to the corsairs, as well as a callback to their old heraldry as the Dusk Raiders Legion. More on them soon.

Here’s Typhus:



Up next, my take on the Noxious Blightbringers, one of the many new units coming out with the Death Guard releases. They are monsters that stride across the battlefield tolling their cruel bells.

Here’s the figure from Games Workshop:


And here are my conversions of a couple of models. First is the basic model with a few tweaks and added rack of bells, while the second is more built from scratch, a combo of Death Guard and Putrid Blightking parts, along with some other random bits:



Hope you’ve enjoyed this gruesome post. All hail the Plague God! Next time:  a full list of all projects currently around the Temple, and the status on each. Stay tuned!






10 thoughts on “Preparing for Nurgle pt. 3: Ordo Sepulturum, servants of the Plague God, first of the Death Guard

  1. Blimey there’s a lot of good stuff here! Your loyalist inquisitor retinue are all fantastic, especially the medic. He looks so out of his depth.
    But my favourite model is definitely your second Nurgle bell ringer, disturbing and sort of humorous, just as Nurgle should be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was definitely going for a beleaguered, “Oh shit” look to the medic – the head from the Cadian command squad kit goes a long way for that.

      And I’d been trying to figure out how to use that bell as a head/helmet for a while. And then the Noxious Blightbringer character finally gave me a chance!


  2. The medic is just so cool. Fairly straightforward but still nicely converted. Really a character without being too obvious.

    The rest are great too. Cool bunch of models. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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