An Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Inquisitor Gotan Belioc
Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords of Terra
Hypocrite. Hero. Heretic.

“The Imperium of man is paradox incarnate. Two sides, each encompassing the other. It is the most brutal, oppressive regime in the history of our species, and it is the only thing that will preserve humankind. It is the most necessary of all evils and it is the most evil of all necessities.

It is built on sacrifice, pure and simple. From the ragged underclass that fills our manufactories and armies, breaking their bodies to keep the engines of our empire running and the enemies of our domain at bay, to the thousand psykers a day whose very life forces are drained to keep the Astronomicon lit, the vast navigational beacon that allows our ships to traverse to warp and keep the Imperium connected.

The mass of humanity at the dawn of the 41st Millennium are slaves, serfs, conscripted labor and soldiery, indoctrinated to serve and to die without questions, and to have as many offspring as possible so that the vast machine of the Imperium can continue.

For even the God-Emperor of Mankind sacrifices. Mortally wounded by Horus in ancient times, he has sat upon the Golden Throne for ten thousand years, his body wracked and decayed by the sheer psychic power coursing through him that directs the light of that Astronomicon and guides our Imperium.


There is a school of thought among the Inquisitors of the Jericho Reach called Oblationism. It says that no sacrifice is too great and no tool too radical, forbidden, or heretical (be it heretechnology, be it xenos in origin, be it daemonic) to use if it preserves the Imperium. I suppose I am an Oblationist, but I need no name for necessity. I will do anything to preserve and protect this Imperium, no matter how much it taints and corrupts my soul, no matter how many it harms, no matter the cost to me or those dependent upon me.

For sacrifice is what is asked of a man of these times. What is the cost of one life or a million, weighed against the continued existence of the Imperium of Man? What is the sacrifice of any soul, even my own, against one hundred centuries of sacrifice by the Emperor of Mankind?

I know that if my actions, my crimes are discovered, I will be branded and executed as a witch, a heretic, a consort of deamonkind, a traitor to my species. This I know. And so I will do what needs to be done to tie up loose ends so that I may continue my efforts. And the loosest end of all has found his way to Sepsis-Sigma. He is my former acolyte turned agent of Chaos, Inquisitor Thutmos. I will go to the Once-Hive and find him.”

-Inquisitor Belioc, after the Purge of Carcosa Station





10 thoughts on “Interlude 1: Belioc

    1. Thanks! I’ll get a better shot of him up soon (I’ve done some work since this picture was take a while back).

      It’s actually a combination of one of the Empire Flagellant heads (the one of the basket of fire on top, but I cut that off), a Chaos Warrior helm with the horns removed and a rebreather added sitting on the head but tiled back (ready to be pulled down for battle), and topped with a horsehair crest from (I think) an Eldar kit.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! That is my hope. There’s a pretty vibrant gaming community in my area, with *some* interest in skirmish and a little in narrative-style play. I need to feel out crowd and see who’d be interested in getting together for INQ28-style games. I’d love to be playing more of these models as I complete them and definitely want to get battle reports up on this blog someday.

      What’s nice is I can always play most of these guys at least as a part of my Renegades & Heretics army in regular games, so they at least get to see some tabletop action.


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