It had taken the Red Corsairs boarding parties almost seventeen minutes to take control of the eight kilometer-long Imperial armory ship, an unacceptably lax, even leisurely pace for the renegades under normal circumstances. But the unaugmented human defenders of the vessel had fought among the hardest of any of the foes Red Corsair Champion Korgus had ever faced.

Korgus scowled behind his helmet’s rebreather grille. What could have been worth these mortals fighting so hard to defend? His squad had fallen into formation behind him as they cleared out the ship’s last remaining corridors. Their armored footfalls echoed along the corridor, punctuated every so often by the bark of a Red Corsairs bolter, each weapon’s heavy, percussive boom marking the execution of another of the ship’s last, holdout defenders.

At length the squad came to a vast armored bulkhead door blocking the corridor. Melta bombs made short work of it (Thank the pantheon we had hoarded those, thought Korgus). As the squad stepped through the ruined door, they entered a cavernous hangar space, and Korgus saw what the Imperials had been defending.

“By the gods,” breathed one of his warriors into the inter-squad vox.

“Such a mighty weapon,” said another with awe creeping into his voice. “Such power.”

“Lord Huron will be pleased,” said Korgus through a twisted grin. “A Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. We will corrupt it and turn it against the Imperials.”


“Spartember” is an exciting initiative being headed up by fellow hobby bloggers Turkadactyl and NafNaf. Much like Dreadtober (the hobby initiative to complete a Dreadnought pledge during the month of October), these fellows are encouraging members of the hobby community to complete pledges on their Spartan Assault Tanks during the month of September. The Spartan Assault Tank is a Horus Heresy-era armored personnel carrier (think a massive Land Raider) that is huge, gorgeous model and devastating on the tabletop.

Now, I don’t have a Spartan Assault Tank, but I do have a Forgeworld Typhon Heavy Siege Tank (based on the same chassis at the Spartan) that has languished unpainted and incomplete among my models for nearly a year. It needs some love and to officially join the ranks of my Red Corsairs army.

So my Spartember pledge will be:

  1. To get the model properly cleaned of mold lines and excess resin, and to get it painted up in Red Corsair colors (primarily red and black).
  2. To “Chaos-ify” it with spikes and trophies and Chaos iconography, and to weather the vehicle and its tracks.
  3. To magnetize sponson weapon mounts on the vehicle (I already started tinkering with this last night, doing my level best to correct a gluing error I’d made some months ago when I assembled a lascannon mount incorrectly).

Stay tuned to this space for updates once September gets here. Now, some more shots of the Typhon and the Red Corsairs who are in the process of corrupting it:


Watch out for those treads, citizens.


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