An Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Inquisitor Gotan Belioc
Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords of Terra
Loyalist. Heathen. Realist.

I have few allies on Terra.

I must leave this planet in secret to make my way to Sepsis-Sigma. I have temporarily stepped down from my position on the Senatorum Imperialis; I have appointed a Knight of the 666 Chapter Adeptus Astartes to fill my role as Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords. The Knight is reticent, but acquiesces to my command. My role in the Holy Ordos gives me near limitless authority in the Emperor’s domain. 

Despite that vast authority, I dare not exercise it too brazenly. Secrecy and discretion are the orders of the day. I take but a single bodyguard from the Inquisitorial assets based on Terra:  Agent Bludgheist, a cold and silent man, an ender of lives and a valued acolyte. He will serve me well.


To get off-world as quietly as possible, I enlist the aid of the disgraced Rogue Trader, Domingo Lunes de Martes y Sabado. The Rogue Trader and the most loyal of his entourage have languished on Terra for many months since a mutiny cost him his vessel. His services are easy enough to purchase.

We meet the Rogue Trader and his crew in the ruins of a chapel on the outskirts of the Merican Hive Cluster. He is accompanied by his Techno-Feudal Armsmen; his servitor, “Marque,” a helot which bears the Rogue Trader’s most precious of possessions – his Letter of Marque, which has given his family right of exploration and trade for millennia (rumor is that this letter is so ancient that it was signed by the Emperor himself); and his bodyguard, the Hephaestian. The cyborg Hephaestian (who I learn has served the Rogue Trader’s family for three generations) is clearly of abhuman stock, perhaps of the Squat race, and pays as much attention to guarding the Letter of Marque as he does to guarding de Martes y Sabado, his cybernetic eye constantly shifting focus between the parchment and the man.

de Martes y Sabado agrees to assist us on the condition that I help him recover his ship. I warily agree to these terms. I could demand his service through the simple authority of the Emperor’s Inquisition, but I fear I am getting soft and sentimental in my old age.


We will commandeer a small, Warp-capable cutter to get off Terra, and rendezvous with my flagship, Cruel Necessity, at the Corondella Muster Point before traveling to Sepsis-Sigma.

That is the plan. But as it turns out, we will not be able to leave Terra without incident.

-Inquisitor Belioc, Terra




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