Hello, all! I finally took the plunge and began converting the snap-together Primaris Space Marines that came with my 8th Edition “First Strike” kit. I’ll echo the sentiment of many other hobbyists here:  while I’m not crazy about the fluff related to the new Primaris Marines, I do love the truescale conversion possibilities of the new kits. They give a nice weight and size to the marines.

I also came into possession of the new Citadel Skulls kit (“340 Skulls!” including human skulls, xenos skulls, damaged skulls, etc.). I highly recommend the kit for basing and “grimdarking” your models.

Anyway, getting these two kits at the same time finally gave me a chance to build tabletop Marines from a homebrew Adeptus Astartes chapter I’ve had kicking around in my head for a number of years.

They are the Dust Claws. I’ll post more background in the future, but here are a few key pieces of fluff:

Millennia ago, the Dust Claws were given domain over a desert world deep in the Segmentum Tempestus in the galactic south, with a wide swath of Imperial territory to protect, including the Arthurios, Ganjagor, and Mycenae Sectors.

They are a fractious chapter, with loyalty to squad and company often outweighing loyalty to the greater brotherhood. Honor duels are common, and it has not been unheard of for subtle and even open warfare to erupt among the companies. As such, many steps have been taken by the chapter’s masters down through the centuries to implement rituals, protocols, and organizational changes to maximize the chapter’s lethality to the enemies of the Imperium while minimizing its lethality toward itself.

2nd through 9th Companies are Battle Companies, all organized along Codex Astartes lines (6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads, a Command Squad). There are no Reserve Companies and efforts are made to keep the Battle Companies at the same strength, whether through selectively reinforcing the companies with neophytes or whittling them down through extended deployment to warzones.

Because the Battle Companies have historically been considered less than reliable, they are always accompanied by relatively large numbers of ostensibly neutral and steadfast command units (Chaplains, Librarians, Dreadnoughts, members of the Chapter Master’s Honor Guard, and members of other specialist formations), as well as veterans from the 1st and 10th Companies.

The 1st Company, as in most Codex-compliant chapters, is made of the chapter’s heavy assault veterans: Sternguard Squads, Vanguard Assault Squads, and two squads equipped with the chapter’s handful of Terminator Armor suits. The 10th Company is composed of the chapter’s scouts, but while most chapter’s assign their newest members to the Scout Company, the Dust Claws assign their veterans, skilled in centuries of stealth, sabotage, and subterfuge.

The Dust Claws are known to adorn their armor in skulls and bones taken from the beasts of their desert home world and conquered foes, while the scouts wear cloaks woven from enemy scalps (typically, Ork scalps). The Dust Claws also make use of large units of human auxilia forces to assist them in the field and man supply chains and rear-echelon combat units like artillery and air defense.

(More fluff to come with future updates!)

Anyway, here are the WIP Dust Claws. Enjoy!

Veteran Sergeant:






Heavy Weapons Specialist:



10th Company Scout and human serf of the Chapter’s Auxilia:



And a group shot:



Thanks for taking a look!

Trust in the Emperor’s Angels, citizens.



13 thoughts on ““WIP Dust Claws” or “Fun with Skulls” or “I have a 40k conversion blog and am required to post my version of the Primaris Marines”

  1. Ooh! Very cool mate – I’m impressed with that truescale scout!! What bits did you use? It’s a little hard to make it out 🙂 Also, what colour scheme are you thinking about? Desert?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, my friend! The scout’s body is a Primaris Reiver, with arms from the Primaris Intercessor kit. His head is that of a Tempestus Scion. It’s definitely tough to see in the pics, but he has a short cloak from the AoS Chaos Marauder kit and some Space Marines Scout bits around his waist.

      Definitely thinking desert colors on these guys. I’ve always sort of pictured a burnt ochre color with red trim, but I’m having trouble finding paint that matches what I’m looking for (and I don’t trust my mixing skills). So I may go primarily for some washed-out yellows, oranges, and maybe browns.

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