Hello, all! Spartember is well and truly underway. For those of you looking for a little bit more background on Spartember and my contribution to it, check out Part One on my hobby blog. As a quick reminder, Spartember was a hobby project organized by Turkadactyl at The Roost of Turkadactyl and NafNaf at Objective Secured, themed around hobby work on the Spartan Assault tank.

While I don’t have a Spartan Assault Tank to work on this month, I do have an unfinished Typhon Heavy Siege Tank that needs some attention. It’s joining the armored wing of my Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marine army and needs to look suitably brutal.

My initial plan for this week’s work on the tank (after cleaning up mold lines and washing the resin pieces) was to spray paint a base coat of Mephiston Red on it (that’s the main color – along with Abaddon Black – that I use on my Red Corsairs). But after scraping mold lines and washing the tank a couple of times, I could not for the life of me find my red spray paint (I’m thinking I threw it out during my last move – shame on me).

Then I thought, well that’s fine, I’ll just pick up some extra Mephiston Red paint containers from my local hobby/game shop. But, alas, they are out of Mephiston Red until at least next week.

So we soldier on. I decided to not worry about the red for now and focus on base coating the black and metallic areas of the model. I picked up some extra containers of Abaddon Black and set to work. Here are this week’s (rough) results as of right now:


Thanks, as always, for taking a look, friends and fellow hobbyists!



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