Hello, all! Not a super exciting update this week, I’m afraid. I got a bit sidetracked on my pledge for my Typhon Heavy Siege Tank this week. We had houseguests for the first time since we finished home renovations, which was really nice but took some attention away from my nerdy hobbying… and I may have also spent a good chunk of my free time the past few days trying to finish converting an army of 40 Khorne Berzerkers for an upcoming game…

(I’ll definitely post pics of those guys at some point – they’ve been a lot of work but a ton of fun!)

But I digress. My pledge for this week was to get some metallic color on the treads along with some texture, as well as paint touch-ups and washes on the tank to add wear and dirtiness.

I did get the metallic color on, some paint touch-ups (I did some more painting after taking these pics), and the first wash (Agrax Earthshade on the tank body and Nuln Oil on the treads). Candidly, I got a little tired of painting such a big area, so I moved on the magnetizing the vehicle’s weapon sponsons. You can see below I’ve now got the choice of bare tank sides and lascannon sponsons.

I also tried my hand at my first freehand Chaos sigil on the vehicle (visible in the last pic). Definitely still needs some work, but it was fun and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future.

Thanks for taking a look!


The final week of Spartember will include more washes and weathering, dirt/texture worked into the treads, paint on the sponsons, and my attempt at decals and more freehand work. Big week! Thanks for sticking around for it!



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