While I’ve been having a great time with Spartember, I’m also looking forward to Dreadtober, the hobby month dedicated to working on Dreadnoughts and other combat walkers. But while I’ve been operating off of a pretty specific pledge for Spartember, Dreadtober is going to be a bit more low-key. Basically, I’ve got five Helbrutes/Chaos Dreadnoughts, and I want to get them a little more presentable – greenstuff work, cleaning up gaps and mold lines, and getting the more Loyalist-looking walkers to look more properly Chaotic.

Lets take a look at the ‘Brutes!

First up is the snap together Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance starter set from Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition. The only real customization I’ve made on this fellow was to add a heavy flamer to his power fist arm and to add some spikes. I’m looking to do a little more greenstuff work on him, maybe get a base coat of paint on. Maybe.


Next is a Helbrute from the more modular Helbrute kit. He’s outfitted with two power fists, each equipped with a heavy flamer. He’s a cool model and I love the pose, but he needs a lot of clean-up work – scraping mold lines, filling in gaps, etc.

(Incidentally, I’m pretty proud of myself here. The Helbrute kit comes with a lot of weapons options, heads, Chaos do-dads, etc., and I’ve managed to put almost every single bit and piece from the kit in various models, particularly the other Dreadnoughts in this gang. How… green(?) of me.)


The rest of the ‘Brutes come from a box of old and unloved Space Wolf/Dark Angels models I bought from a former hobbyist and set to work converting. This first fellow has had the most work done so far. He’s our “rifleman” Helbrute, armed with a missile launcher and twin-linked lascannon. I think I’m going to deck the front glacis out in skulls.


Up next is a Dreadnought armed with a thunder hammer and plasma cannon. I plan to add more tech-y bits to him – scopes and spotlights and whatnot.


Finally, here’s a Dreadnought armed with lasher tendrils and an autocannon. The autocannon was built during 7th Edition, and I think I’m going to replace it with a twin-linked heavy bolter, as heavy bolters have gotten so much better with 8th Edition.


Anyway, that’s the bunch. Expect a few more updates as October arrives and progresses along.

Happy Dreadtober, everybody!



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