Wow! What a month it’s been! It’s been exciting to participate in the Spartember challenge with fellow hobbyists:

A big thanks to Turkadactyl and NafNaf for setting this hobby month up! It’s been a ton of fun! And as September is about to end (somebody be sure to wake up Green Day… sorry, terrible joke), it’s time for me to post my final hobby shots for the month. My goals from Spartember were to take my Spartan Heavy Siege Tank from a bare resin block and turn it into something tabletop ready:

  1. To get the model properly cleaned of mold lines and excess resin, and to get it painted up in Red Corsair colors (primarily red and black).
  2. To “Chaos-ify” it with spikes and trophies and Chaos iconography, and to weather the vehicle and its tracks.
  3. To magnetize sponson weapon mounts on the vehicle.

I feel like I can check off #1 and #3. I feel decent about most of #2 (the iconography and weathering), but held back from adding spikes and trophies (they may be added on some future date).

Here are some pics:


I left off the front glacis plate for now, but may add it in the future (the main gun moves pretty well up and down, but seems to be a bit “off track” if that makes sense, and needs some careful knife work on the resin to fix it that I haven’t felt ready to do just yet).

This thing is a beast and I can’t wait to get it on the table alongside my Red Corsairs and Renegades & Heretics armies. Here are a few size comparison shots of it next to a Rhino transport and a Renegades & Heretics Salamander Light Tank I kitbashed together:


It’s been a so much fun and really inspiring to participate in this month, A big purpose for this blog was to push me to finish my many, many half-completed hobby projects, and Spartember has shown me I can do it with even the biggest models.

Thank you again to the great hobbyists for setting this up, and for all the support and encouragement I’ve received throughout the month. I’ve said it before, but I’m tremendously grateful for this hobby community.

Keep up the building, converting, modeling, painting, gaming, following, supporting, and hobbying, folks! And get ready for October!




8 thoughts on “Spartember Finale: What I’ve accomplished this September

  1. Well done on getting it finished to this standard in a month – looks awesome mate! She’s a clean machine, but a few chaos doodabs will improve it even more I am sure – something to take your time over 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations with mixed emotions though. You’ll be blasting loyalists with that beast and the Carcharodons have no love for the Red Corsairs after the Badab War.


    Joking aside it looks good. Glad to see you were able to achieve your goals. Now onto Dreadtober!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you much, man! And haha yeah, I hadn’t put it together all month but we sure do have the opposing sides from the Badab War active in this challenge! Well, glad we’ve had this arms race 😃


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