Greetings, all. I’ve been away from the blog for about a month now and need to get. back. to. it. I’ve continued to putter around with modeling and converting throughout the month, mainly working on rank-and-file Chaos Space Marines and my army of Death Guard following the release of the latter’s own codex (I promise I’ll share pics soon).


Unfortunately, I have *not* been a productive hobbyist when it has come to Dreadtober. I had some big dreams for further fleshing out and converting my five Helbrutes. So far, here is the sum total of what I’ve accomplished:

I took this guy:


And added some greenstuff and skulls to his front glacis:


I know, Staggering conversion work, right? I really do still plan on continuing to tinker with my Helbrutes and will update this space with more of my progress (when it eventually happens…).


Iron Sleet’s Invitation II: Regiments of the Thorn Moons

Now, I have been a bit more productive here. Iron Sleet is running an open Invitational hobby event, encouraging hobbyists and bloggers to submit a small squad representing “humanity in the eternal war.” As images from talented hobbyists from around the world have been appearing on Iron Sleet, Instagram, and individual hobby blogs, I’ll admit I was initially intimidated by the overwhelmingly awesome work being created. I was reluctant to even attempt to contribute, but then thought it would be a great way to test and exercise my hobby muscles.

I dug out three half-finished models from a time when I thought I’d create an Imperial Guard army, and set about “grimdarking” them, as well as building a fourth. Still very WIP (and I still need a fifth member for the squad ), but here they are.

I picture these figures as part of the command squad of an Imperial Guard regiment, and I’m really trying to go for a decaying, ostentatious, techno-Medieval look that honors the setting.

So, below I have a banner bearer and regimental commander, followed by a radio man with a bionic arm and a fellow I picture as some sort of hive noble who is playing at war and fancying himself a killer of heretics.

More pictures and background to come.



As a sort of dark mirror of this Imperial Guard squad, I also have a small Chaos-aligned unit. The center figure is, admittedly, heavily inspired by Big Boss Red Skullz’s definitely superior Tzeentch warrior. The squad also features a couple of corrupted warriors, a banner bearer, and plasma gunner.


Thank you for taking a look – C&C is, as always, welcome.

Keep hobbying, friends. I’ll have some more posts soon.



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