So. I’m back.

I’ve been a neglectful hobbyist and an even more neglectful blogger. I didn’t finish painting my models in time for the Iron Sleet Invitational. I did a *pretty good* job at Spartember. Completely whiffed at Dreadtober. Dropped the ball on Painting Decemb-uary. Missed the wonderfully-themed Fembruary. And I’ve been too intimidated by the raw talent on display with the Nestorian Infestation to try my modeling hand at some original, nightmare-inducing NPCs.

Some of it was a bit of a crisis of self-confidence that kept me away, I think. So many of my favorite bloggers and hobbyists creating so many great things; how can my little tinkerings with plastic space men stack up to the inch-tall ART that these others are creating? I felt a bit sheepish and embarrassed by my building and painting skills (especially painting), by my mold lines and imprecise gluing. It felt like my stuff wasn’t worthy of joining the ranks of miniature masterpieces out there.

But I’m being a bit of a self-flagellant here.


(Seriously, one of the best kits GW has ever released.)

So, self-doubt was some of it, And the holidays and life in general got in the way. Blogging for me is like exercise: it feels really good when I do it, I like it, it’s good for me… and if I miss a few days, those few days can very quickly turn into a few weeks or months of inactivity,

It’s been a busy last few months at the Temple. Got through another year of mostly-happy holidays with the family. Started a new job that I really like, and that has candidly done wonders for helping my stress and anxiety. And I’ve been married for nine months now, which has been awesome. It’s been an odd winter in the American Midwest, with ice, rain, and extreme and rapidly-shifting temperature highs and lows that have wreaked havoc on our pipes, water heater, and roof. Our rescue dog, Ingrid (the sweetest border collie I’ve ever met) seems to have all of her health problems behind her, and is doing wonderfully. Tess, our golden retriever, is as happy as ever. I’ve been trying to read more. And write more. And get back into exercise.

And I’ve continued to hobby.

I’ll showcase more of my recent work in future posts, but I’ve continued to tinker on INQ28 figures, built some Squats and some 30K/Great Crusade-era figures for fun, and I’ve put some serious work into my Khorne Berzerkers (so good in 8th edition) and Nurgle Space Marines, daemons, and undead.

And I’ve discovered Orks.

I’ll wax poetically about them in future posts (I’ve rambled long enough in this one), but I’ve come to love them for a lot of reasons. A big one being allllllll the conversion opportunities.

So here’s some of the work I’ve begun to do on my slowly-growing Ork army:

First up, that vehicle I teased in my last post. I took a busted-up Astra Militarum Taurox and have been (slowly) turning it into an Ork Big Trakk armed with a supa-skorcha (all very, very WIP):


This vehicle was (and, I guess, continues to be) my first Ork conversion. Not long after I set to work on it, I began building Boyz to ride in it. I love the look of Ork ‘Ard Boyz, heavily-armed and armored Orks who charge in first to smash through enemy lines. I was particularly inspired by this image:



So I built a figure inspired by it:. Here he is, surrounded by some of the other ‘Ard Boyz:


Finally, here’s a fun fella I built when I still had Ork torsos but had run out of Ork legs. I call him a “Scrap Boy” (though I guess he’s technically a Cybork). I eventually intend to have a squad of them, Orks rebuilt by their Painboyz and Meks to keep fighting.


These guys have been a ton of fun to build and tinker with. I’ll have some more posted soon…  Waaagh!

It’s good to be back.


6 thoughts on “Back to the Blog (and I mean it this time)

  1. Great to have you back mate, don’t know why you’re putting yourself down though – you do some great stuff! Don’t sweat it dude, hobby slumps are definitely ‘a thing’, and very normal as far as I can tell 🙂

    This truck is awesome by the way – it’s looking really brutal, with a perfect Mad Max/Gorkamorka vibe to it… I am sure Gork (and probably Mork) approve!

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  2. Maaaaaaaate. The thing, a very nice thing, I’ve learnt and really come to love about our hobby community is that they’re all supportive and passionate and lovely people. No one judges or critiques too harshly. There are no online trolls in our world which is awesome. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty thick skinned and wouldn’t care if some goose had a go at me but it’s an annoyance I’ve never ever had via the hobby the community. SO what all this means for me for you for everyone is be FREE! Create whatever you like. Experiment etc. I think the key is JUST DO SOMETHING haha. Now, onto your work. The conversions are absolutely top notch these new ones and all the others you’ve done. Honestly man they’re really cool. Your painting needs work but you certainly have potential so practice practice practice. My earlier gear wasn’t all that but thanks to the guidance of hobby bloggers and the inspiration and practice I feel I’ve slowly got better. As will you brother. Just have fun man that’s what it’s all about. I bloody love Orks, hence why they’re apart of my name haha. The Flagellants Kit is, in my opinion, one of the best for converters. That and The Genestealer Cultists Hybrids. Oh and Scions haha. I look forward to seeing more from you man and I’m really pleased you’re back

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  3. Completely agree with this, I also am overawed by some of the great content put out compared to my own offerings but the blogging community are immensely supportive and they all have a diversified interest and as long as you have followers you can be assured you are putting out stuff others like (and you definitely are and like IRO said your conversions are excellent). Plus you have one of the best blog names 😀.

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