Greetings from the Temple, all!

Have I mentioned it’s good to be back? I wanted to say I really appreciated all of the support, views, likes, and kind words my last post received. I still need to respond to everybody who took the time to comment – all of your words mean a lot, and they are a great reminder of why this community is so great. The support, camaraderie, tips, advice, examples, and friendships in the online community only make this awesome hobby better.

Anyway, my foray into all things Orky continues. Last night I set to work on a new project. I’ve had this old, used Space Wolves land speeder for about a year now that I never knew what to do with, until it hit me to convert it into a counts-as Ork warbuggy. Still a work in progress, it will eventually include an Ork leaning out of the open cockpit brandishing an additional big shoota. I’m excited for where this one is going.


Thanks for taking a look, and for being the awesome people you are.


5 thoughts on “Orks are in the Temple! pt. 1: Looted Land Speeda

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