Interlude 2: Terra


An Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Inquisitor Gotan Belioc
Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords of Terra
Loyalist. Heathen. Realist.

I have few allies on Terra.

I must leave this planet in secret to make my way to Sepsis-Sigma. I have temporarily stepped down from my position on the Senatorum Imperialis; I have appointed a Knight of the 666 Chapter Adeptus Astartes to fill my role as Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords. The Knight is reticent, but acquiesces to my command. My role in the Holy Ordos gives me near limitless authority in the Emperor’s domain. 

Despite that vast authority, I dare not exercise it too brazenly. Secrecy and discretion are the orders of the day. I take but a single bodyguard from the Inquisitorial assets based on Terra:  Agent Bludgheist, a cold and silent man, an ender of lives and a valued acolyte. He will serve me well.


To get off-world as quietly as possible, I enlist the aid of the disgraced Rogue Trader, Domingo Lunes de Martes y Sabado. The Rogue Trader and the most loyal of his entourage have languished on Terra for many months since a mutiny cost him his vessel. His services are easy enough to purchase.

We meet the Rogue Trader and his crew in the ruins of a chapel on the outskirts of the Merican Hive Cluster. He is accompanied by his Techno-Feudal Armsmen; his servitor, “Marque,” a helot which bears the Rogue Trader’s most precious of possessions – his Letter of Marque, which has given his family right of exploration and trade for millennia (rumor is that this letter is so ancient that it was signed by the Emperor himself); and his bodyguard, the Hephaestian. The cyborg Hephaestian (who I learn has served the Rogue Trader’s family for three generations) is clearly of abhuman stock, perhaps of the Squat race, and pays as much attention to guarding the Letter of Marque as he does to guarding de Martes y Sabado, his cybernetic eye constantly shifting focus between the parchment and the man.

de Martes y Sabado agrees to assist us on the condition that I help him recover his ship. I warily agree to these terms. I could demand his service through the simple authority of the Emperor’s Inquisition, but I fear I am getting soft and sentimental in my old age.


We will commandeer a small, Warp-capable cutter to get off Terra, and rendezvous with my flagship, Cruel Necessity, at the Corondella Muster Point before traveling to Sepsis-Sigma.

That is the plan. But as it turns out, we will not be able to leave Terra without incident.

-Inquisitor Belioc, Terra



Spartember pt. 1: An Introduction

It had taken the Red Corsairs boarding parties almost seventeen minutes to take control of the eight kilometer-long Imperial armory ship, an unacceptably lax, even leisurely pace for the renegades under normal circumstances. But the unaugmented human defenders of the vessel had fought among the hardest of any of the foes Red Corsair Champion Korgus had ever faced.

Korgus scowled behind his helmet’s rebreather grille. What could have been worth these mortals fighting so hard to defend? His squad had fallen into formation behind him as they cleared out the ship’s last remaining corridors. Their armored footfalls echoed along the corridor, punctuated every so often by the bark of a Red Corsairs bolter, each weapon’s heavy, percussive boom marking the execution of another of the ship’s last, holdout defenders.

At length the squad came to a vast armored bulkhead door blocking the corridor. Melta bombs made short work of it (Thank the pantheon we had hoarded those, thought Korgus). As the squad stepped through the ruined door, they entered a cavernous hangar space, and Korgus saw what the Imperials had been defending.

“By the gods,” breathed one of his warriors into the inter-squad vox.

“Such a mighty weapon,” said another with awe creeping into his voice. “Such power.”

“Lord Huron will be pleased,” said Korgus through a twisted grin. “A Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. We will corrupt it and turn it against the Imperials.”


“Spartember” is an exciting initiative being headed up by fellow hobby bloggers Turkadactyl and NafNaf. Much like Dreadtober (the hobby initiative to complete a Dreadnought pledge during the month of October), these fellows are encouraging members of the hobby community to complete pledges on their Spartan Assault Tanks during the month of September. The Spartan Assault Tank is a Horus Heresy-era armored personnel carrier (think a massive Land Raider) that is huge, gorgeous model and devastating on the tabletop.

Now, I don’t have a Spartan Assault Tank, but I do have a Forgeworld Typhon Heavy Siege Tank (based on the same chassis at the Spartan) that has languished unpainted and incomplete among my models for nearly a year. It needs some love and to officially join the ranks of my Red Corsairs army.

So my Spartember pledge will be:

  1. To get the model properly cleaned of mold lines and excess resin, and to get it painted up in Red Corsair colors (primarily red and black).
  2. To “Chaos-ify” it with spikes and trophies and Chaos iconography, and to weather the vehicle and its tracks.
  3. To magnetize sponson weapon mounts on the vehicle (I already started tinkering with this last night, doing my level best to correct a gluing error I’d made some months ago when I assembled a lascannon mount incorrectly).

Stay tuned to this space for updates once September gets here. Now, some more shots of the Typhon and the Red Corsairs who are in the process of corrupting it:


Watch out for those treads, citizens.


Interlude 1: Belioc


An Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Inquisitor Gotan Belioc
Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords of Terra
Hypocrite. Hero. Heretic.

“The Imperium of man is paradox incarnate. Two sides, each encompassing the other. It is the most brutal, oppressive regime in the history of our species, and it is the only thing that will preserve humankind. It is the most necessary of all evils and it is the most evil of all necessities.

It is built on sacrifice, pure and simple. From the ragged underclass that fills our manufactories and armies, breaking their bodies to keep the engines of our empire running and the enemies of our domain at bay, to the thousand psykers a day whose very life forces are drained to keep the Astronomicon lit, the vast navigational beacon that allows our ships to traverse to warp and keep the Imperium connected.

The mass of humanity at the dawn of the 41st Millennium are slaves, serfs, conscripted labor and soldiery, indoctrinated to serve and to die without questions, and to have as many offspring as possible so that the vast machine of the Imperium can continue.

For even the God-Emperor of Mankind sacrifices. Mortally wounded by Horus in ancient times, he has sat upon the Golden Throne for ten thousand years, his body wracked and decayed by the sheer psychic power coursing through him that directs the light of that Astronomicon and guides our Imperium.


There is a school of thought among the Inquisitors of Jericho Reach called Oblationism. It says that no sacrifice is too great and no tool too radical, forbidden, or heretical (be it heretechnology, be it xenos in origin, be it daemonic) to use if it preserves the Imperium. I suppose I am an Oblationist, but I need no name for necessity. I will do anything to preserve and protect this Imperium, no matter how much it taints and corrupts my soul, no matter how many it harms, no matter the cost to me or those dependent upon me.

For sacrifice is what is asked of a man of these time. What is the cost of one life or a million, weighed against the continued existence of the Imperium of Man? What is the sacrifice of any soul, even my own, against one hundred centuries of sacrifice by the Emperor of Mankind?

I know that if my actions, my crimes are discovered, I will be branded and executed as a witch, a heretic, a consort of deamonkind, a traitor to my species. This I know. And so I will do what needs to be done to tie up loose ends so that I may continue my efforts. And the loosest end of all has found his way to Sepsis-Sigma. He is my former acolyte turned agent of Chaos, Inquisitor Thutmos. I will go to the Once-Hive and find him.”

-Inquisitor Belioc, after the Purge of Carcosa Station




Preparing for Nurgle pt. 2: Painted Zombies and the Miseria

I’ll admit I recently allowed myself to get distracted kitbashing Khorne Berzerkers after learning the AWESOME things they can do in 40K’s 8th Edition. But I needed to get back to Grandfather Nurgle. So I’ve set the Berzerkers aside for now (though you’ll see more of them in the future).

I couldn’t be more excited to know there is a Death Guard codex coming soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how Games Workshop expands this army/faction. In the meantime, I’m back to work on my various Nurgle forces.

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The Minotaur

An ongoing project in my larger Enter the High Lords project has been to produce a truescale Minotaur Techmarine in Terminator armor, part of the entourage of the Master of the Administratum (the most powerful of the High Lords of Terra). This little project has evolved to become one of the most complex and elaborate single models I’ve ever built. And he’s been a load of fun to create.

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Like so many other hive worlds across the Imperium, the denizens of Sepsis-Sigma long ago consumed all of the natural resources of their planet. Only a steady stream of imports from off-world could keep the citizens fed and clothed and enriched with vital supplies. The vast tracts of land between the hives became exhausted, poisoned, ruined. Waste lands. Across this dangerous landscapes come criminals, bandits, psychopaths, mercenaries and freaks.

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Preparing for Nurgle pt. 1: Zombies!

Much better bloggers than I have written at length about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and the bundle of new models and goodies that are available to players. I don’t have much to add for my own take on the new edition, but I’m pretty excited as a Chaos player. Next week I’ll be picking up my new Nurgle models from a friend I’m splitting the new kit with, and it has given me some motivation to get back to work on the various Nurgle-themed units that have languished in half-completed model purgatory.

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Some days, you just gotta hobby hard…

I work in the mental health field. Most days, it’s rewarding and enjoyable work, and I generally get to feeling like I’m making a small, positive difference in my tiny corner of the world. And then there are tougher stretches. Days that can feel like weeks and weeks that can feel like months.

Like many of you (I imagine), getting a chance to practice this hobby of ours, dreaming up and building and painting and playing with these tiny space soldiers, is a huge stress-reliever for me. It takes my mind away from the day and lets me relax, lets me blow off steam, let’s me be creative and cut loose and have fun. I suppose it’s healthier than some of the hobbies I might have gotten myself into when I was younger, though it’s definitely more addictive.

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