Orks are in the Temple! pt. 1: Looted Land Speeda

Greetings from the Temple, all!

Have I mentioned it’s good to be back? I wanted to say I really appreciated all of the support, views, likes, and kind words my last post received. I still need to respond to everybody who took the time to comment – all of your words mean a lot, and they are a great reminder of why this community is so great. The support, camaraderie, tips, advice, examples, and friendships in the online community only make this awesome hobby better.

Anyway, my foray into all things Orky continues. Last night I set to work on a new project. I’ve had this old, used Space Wolves land speeder for about a year now that I never knew what to do with, until it hit me to convert it into a counts-as Ork warbuggy. Still a work in progress, it will eventually include an Ork leaning out of the open cockpit brandishing an additional big shoota. I’m excited for where this one is going.


Thanks for taking a look, and for being the awesome people you are.


Back to the Blog (and I mean it this time)

So. I’m back.

I’ve been a neglectful hobbyist and an even more neglectful blogger. I didn’t finish painting my models in time for the Iron Sleet Invitational. I did a *pretty good* job at Spartember. Completely whiffed at Dreadtober. Dropped the ball on Painting Decemb-uary. Missed the wonderfully-themed Fembruary. And I’ve been too intimidated by the raw talent on display with the Nestorian Infestation to try my modeling hand at some original, nightmare-inducing NPCs.

Some of it was a bit of a crisis of self-confidence that kept me away, I think. So many of my favorite bloggers and hobbyists creating so many great things; how can my little tinkerings with plastic space men stack up to the inch-tall ART that these others are creating? I felt a bit sheepish and embarrassed by my building and painting skills (especially painting), by my mold lines and imprecise gluing. It felt like my stuff wasn’t worthy of joining the ranks of miniature masterpieces out there.

But I’m being a bit of a self-flagellant here.


(Seriously, one of the best kits GW has ever released.)

So, self-doubt was some of it, And the holidays and life in general got in the way. Blogging for me is like exercise: it feels really good when I do it, I like it, it’s good for me… and if I miss a few days, those few days can very quickly turn into a few weeks or months of inactivity,

It’s been a busy last few months at the Temple. Got through another year of mostly-happy holidays with the family. Started a new job that I really like, and that has candidly done wonders for helping my stress and anxiety. And I’ve been married for nine months now, which has been awesome. It’s been an odd winter in the American Midwest, with ice, rain, and extreme and rapidly-shifting temperature highs and lows that have wreaked havoc on our pipes, water heater, and roof. Our rescue dog, Ingrid (the sweetest border collie I’ve ever met) seems to have all of her health problems behind her, and is doing wonderfully. Tess, our golden retriever, is as happy as ever. I’ve been trying to read more. And write more. And get back into exercise.

And I’ve continued to hobby.

I’ll showcase more of my recent work in future posts, but I’ve continued to tinker on INQ28 figures, built some Squats and some 30K/Great Crusade-era figures for fun, and I’ve put some serious work into my Khorne Berzerkers (so good in 8th edition) and Nurgle Space Marines, daemons, and undead.

And I’ve discovered Orks.

I’ll wax poetically about them in future posts (I’ve rambled long enough in this one), but I’ve come to love them for a lot of reasons. A big one being allllllll the conversion opportunities.

So here’s some of the work I’ve begun to do on my slowly-growing Ork army:

First up, that vehicle I teased in my last post. I took a busted-up Astra Militarum Taurox and have been (slowly) turning it into an Ork Big Trakk armed with a supa-skorcha (all very, very WIP):


This vehicle was (and, I guess, continues to be) my first Ork conversion. Not long after I set to work on it, I began building Boyz to ride in it. I love the look of Ork ‘Ard Boyz, heavily-armed and armored Orks who charge in first to smash through enemy lines. I was particularly inspired by this image:



So I built a figure inspired by it:. Here he is, surrounded by some of the other ‘Ard Boyz:


Finally, here’s a fun fella I built when I still had Ork torsos but had run out of Ork legs. I call him a “Scrap Boy” (though I guess he’s technically a Cybork). I eventually intend to have a squad of them, Orks rebuilt by their Painboyz and Meks to keep fighting.


These guys have been a ton of fun to build and tinker with. I’ll have some more posted soon…  Waaagh!

It’s good to be back.


Back to the Blog: Dreadtober and the Iron Sleet Invitational

Greetings, all. I’ve been away from the blog for about a month now and need to get. back. to. it. I’ve continued to putter around with modeling and converting throughout the month, mainly working on rank-and-file Chaos Space Marines and my army of Death Guard following the release of the latter’s own codex (I promise I’ll share pics soon).


Unfortunately, I have *not* been a productive hobbyist when it has come to Dreadtober. I had some big dreams for further fleshing out and converting my five Helbrutes. So far, here is the sum total of what I’ve accomplished:

I took this guy:


And added some greenstuff and skulls to his front glacis:


I know, Staggering conversion work, right? I really do still plan on continuing to tinker with my Helbrutes and will update this space with more of my progress (when it eventually happens…).


Iron Sleet’s Invitation II: Regiments of the Thorn Moons

Now, I have been a bit more productive here. Iron Sleet is running an open Invitational hobby event, encouraging hobbyists and bloggers to submit a small squad representing “humanity in the eternal war.” As images from talented hobbyists from around the world have been appearing on Iron Sleet, Instagram, and individual hobby blogs, I’ll admit I was initially intimidated by the overwhelmingly awesome work being created. I was reluctant to even attempt to contribute, but then thought it would be a great way to test and exercise my hobby muscles.

I dug out three half-finished models from a time when I thought I’d create an Imperial Guard army, and set about “grimdarking” them, as well as building a fourth. Still very WIP (and I still need a fifth member for the squad ), but here they are.

I picture these figures as part of the command squad of an Imperial Guard regiment, and I’m really trying to go for a decaying, ostentatious, techno-Medieval look that honors the setting.

So, below I have a banner bearer and regimental commander, followed by a radio man with a bionic arm and a fellow I picture as some sort of hive noble who is playing at war and fancying himself a killer of heretics.

More pictures and background to come.



As a sort of dark mirror of this Imperial Guard squad, I also have a small Chaos-aligned unit. The center figure is, admittedly, heavily inspired by Big Boss Red Skullz’s definitely superior Tzeentch warrior. The squad also features a couple of corrupted warriors, a banner bearer, and plasma gunner.


Thank you for taking a look – C&C is, as always, welcome.

Keep hobbying, friends. I’ll have some more posts soon.



Spartember Finale: What I’ve accomplished this September

Wow! What a month it’s been! It’s been exciting to participate in the Spartember challenge with fellow hobbyists:

A big thanks to Turkadactyl and NafNaf for setting this hobby month up! It’s been a ton of fun! And as September is about to end (somebody be sure to wake up Green Day… sorry, terrible joke), it’s time for me to post my final hobby shots for the month. My goals from Spartember were to take my Spartan Heavy Siege Tank from a bare resin block and turn it into something tabletop ready:

  1. To get the model properly cleaned of mold lines and excess resin, and to get it painted up in Red Corsair colors (primarily red and black).
  2. To “Chaos-ify” it with spikes and trophies and Chaos iconography, and to weather the vehicle and its tracks.
  3. To magnetize sponson weapon mounts on the vehicle.

I feel like I can check off #1 and #3. I feel decent about most of #2 (the iconography and weathering), but held back from adding spikes and trophies (they may be added on some future date).

Here are some pics:


I left off the front glacis plate for now, but may add it in the future (the main gun moves pretty well up and down, but seems to be a bit “off track” if that makes sense, and needs some careful knife work on the resin to fix it that I haven’t felt ready to do just yet).

This thing is a beast and I can’t wait to get it on the table alongside my Red Corsairs and Renegades & Heretics armies. Here are a few size comparison shots of it next to a Rhino transport and a Renegades & Heretics Salamander Light Tank I kitbashed together:


It’s been a so much fun and really inspiring to participate in this month, A big purpose for this blog was to push me to finish my many, many half-completed hobby projects, and Spartember has shown me I can do it with even the biggest models.

Thank you again to the great hobbyists for setting this up, and for all the support and encouragement I’ve received throughout the month. I’ve said it before, but I’m tremendously grateful for this hobby community.

Keep up the building, converting, modeling, painting, gaming, following, supporting, and hobbying, folks! And get ready for October!




Dreadtober Introduction: Meet the ‘Brutes

While I’ve been having a great time with Spartember, I’m also looking forward to Dreadtober, the hobby month dedicated to working on Dreadnoughts and other combat walkers. But while I’ve been operating off of a pretty specific pledge for Spartember, Dreadtober is going to be a bit more low-key. Basically, I’ve got five Helbrutes/Chaos Dreadnoughts, and I want to get them a little more presentable – greenstuff work, cleaning up gaps and mold lines, and getting the more Loyalist-looking walkers to look more properly Chaotic.

Lets take a look at the ‘Brutes!

First up is the snap together Helbrute from the Dark Vengeance starter set from Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition. The only real customization I’ve made on this fellow was to add a heavy flamer to his power fist arm and to add some spikes. I’m looking to do a little more greenstuff work on him, maybe get a base coat of paint on. Maybe.


Next is a Helbrute from the more modular Helbrute kit. He’s outfitted with two power fists, each equipped with a heavy flamer. He’s a cool model and I love the pose, but he needs a lot of clean-up work – scraping mold lines, filling in gaps, etc.

(Incidentally, I’m pretty proud of myself here. The Helbrute kit comes with a lot of weapons options, heads, Chaos do-dads, etc., and I’ve managed to put almost every single bit and piece from the kit in various models, particularly the other Dreadnoughts in this gang. How… green(?) of me.)


The rest of the ‘Brutes come from a box of old and unloved Space Wolf/Dark Angels models I bought from a former hobbyist and set to work converting. This first fellow has had the most work done so far. He’s our “rifleman” Helbrute, armed with a missile launcher and twin-linked lascannon. I think I’m going to deck the front glacis out in skulls.


Up next is a Dreadnought armed with a thunder hammer and plasma cannon. I plan to add more tech-y bits to him – scopes and spotlights and whatnot.


Finally, here’s a Dreadnought armed with lasher tendrils and an autocannon. The autocannon was built during 7th Edition, and I think I’m going to replace it with a twin-linked heavy bolter, as heavy bolters have gotten so much better with 8th Edition.


Anyway, that’s the bunch. Expect a few more updates as October arrives and progresses along.

Happy Dreadtober, everybody!


Spartember pt. 4: Metallics and Magnets

Hello, all! Not a super exciting update this week, I’m afraid. I got a bit sidetracked on my pledge for my Typhon Heavy Siege Tank this week. We had houseguests for the first time since we finished home renovations, which was really nice but took some attention away from my nerdy hobbying… and I may have also spent a good chunk of my free time the past few days trying to finish converting an army of 40 Khorne Berzerkers for an upcoming game…

(I’ll definitely post pics of those guys at some point – they’ve been a lot of work but a ton of fun!)

But I digress. My pledge for this week was to get some metallic color on the treads along with some texture, as well as paint touch-ups and washes on the tank to add wear and dirtiness.

I did get the metallic color on, some paint touch-ups (I did some more painting after taking these pics), and the first wash (Agrax Earthshade on the tank body and Nuln Oil on the treads). Candidly, I got a little tired of painting such a big area, so I moved on the magnetizing the vehicle’s weapon sponsons. You can see below I’ve now got the choice of bare tank sides and lascannon sponsons.

I also tried my hand at my first freehand Chaos sigil on the vehicle (visible in the last pic). Definitely still needs some work, but it was fun and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future.

Thanks for taking a look!


The final week of Spartember will include more washes and weathering, dirt/texture worked into the treads, paint on the sponsons, and my attempt at decals and more freehand work. Big week! Thanks for sticking around for it!


Spartember pt. 2: The Chinese symbol for “crisis” is the same as the symbol for “opportunity”

Hello, all! Spartember is well and truly underway. For those of you looking for a little bit more background on Spartember and my contribution to it, check out Part One on my hobby blog. As a quick reminder, Spartember was a hobby project organized by Turkadactyl at The Roost of Turkadactyl and NafNaf at Objective Secured, themed around hobby work on the Spartan Assault tank.

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“WIP Dust Claws” or “Fun with Skulls” or “I have a 40k conversion blog and am required to post my version of the Primaris Marines”

Hello, all! I finally took the plunge and began converting the snap-together Primaris Space Marines that came with my 8th Edition “First Strike” kit. I’ll echo the sentiment of many other hobbyists here:  while I’m not crazy about the fluff related to the new Primaris Marines, I do love the truescale conversion possibilities of the new kits. They give a nice weight and size to the marines.

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