Spartember pt. 1: An Introduction

It had taken the Red Corsairs boarding parties almost seventeen minutes to take control of the eight kilometer-long Imperial armory ship, an unacceptably lax, even leisurely pace for the renegades under normal circumstances. But the unaugmented human defenders of the vessel had fought among the hardest of any of the foes Red Corsair Champion Korgus had ever faced.

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Interlude 1: Belioc


An Excerpt from the Journal of Lord Inquisitor Gotan Belioc
Inquisitorial Emissary to the High Lords of Terra
Hypocrite. Hero. Heretic.

“The Imperium of man is paradox incarnate. Two sides, each encompassing the other. It is the most brutal, oppressive regime in the history of our species, and it is the only thing that will preserve humankind. It is the most necessary of all evils and it is the most evil of all necessities.

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Preparing for Nurgle pt. 2: Painted Zombies and the Miseria

I’ll admit I recently allowed myself to get distracted kitbashing Khorne Berzerkers after learning the AWESOME things they can do in 40K’s 8th Edition. But I needed to get back to Grandfather Nurgle. So I’ve set the Berzerkers aside for now (though you’ll see more of them in the future).

I couldn’t be more excited to know there is a Death Guard codex coming soon. I’m looking forward to seeing how Games Workshop expands this army/faction. In the meantime, I’m back to work on my various Nurgle forces.

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The Minotaur

An ongoing project in my larger Enter the High Lords project has been to produce a truescale Minotaur Techmarine in Terminator armor, part of the entourage of the Master of the Administratum (the most powerful of the High Lords of Terra). This little project has evolved to become one of the most complex and elaborate single models I’ve ever built. And he’s been a load of fun to create.

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Like so many other hive worlds across the Imperium, the denizens of Sepsis-Sigma long ago consumed all of the natural resources of their planet. Only a steady stream of imports from off-world could keep the citizens fed and clothed and enriched with vital supplies. The vast tracts of land between the hives became exhausted, poisoned, ruined. Waste lands. Across this dangerous landscapes come criminals, bandits, psychopaths, mercenaries and freaks.

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Preparing for Nurgle pt. 1: Zombies!

Much better bloggers than I have written at length about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 and the bundle of new models and goodies that are available to players. I don’t have much to add for my own take on the new edition, but I’m pretty excited as a Chaos player. Next week I’ll be picking up my new Nurgle models from a friend I’m splitting the new kit with, and it has given me some motivation to get back to work on the various Nurgle-themed units that have languished in half-completed model purgatory.

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Some days, you just gotta hobby hard…

I work in the mental health field. Most days, it’s rewarding and enjoyable work, and I generally get to feeling like I’m making a small, positive difference in my tiny corner of the world. And then there are tougher stretches. Days that can feel like weeks and weeks that can feel like months.

Like many of you (I imagine), getting a chance to practice this hobby of ours, dreaming up and building and painting and playing with these tiny space soldiers, is a huge stress-reliever for me. It takes my mind away from the day and lets me relax, lets me blow off steam, let’s me be creative and cut loose and have fun. I suppose it’s healthier than some of the hobbies I might have gotten myself into when I was younger, though it’s definitely more addictive.

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The Ordo Chronos (pt. 3)

For those of you following the blog lately, you’ve seen my fascination with the Ordo Chronos. This obscure (and, seemingly vanished) branch of the Inquisition was formed to prevent and combat time-based anomalies and threats, for example those caused by warp-based travel (because of time dilation related to warp travel, ships can emerge from the warp with years or even decades or centuries having passed in real time while the crew on board only experienced weeks passing; even more unsettling are the accounts of ships emerging before they ever actually jumped into the warp. But I digress).

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